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Most popular web browsers in Zimbabwe

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Most popular web browsers in Zimbabwe

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in South Africa, with a market share of over 70%.

This is according to GlobalStats Statcounter data for device-independent market share, which shows that the next most popular is opera, which has a market share of just over 10%.

The data analytics company analyses over 5 billion monthly page views of around 1.5 million websites to determine the leading brands and vendors in various industries and regions.

In Zimbabwe , the overall browser market share is dominated by Chrome, with browsers like Safari, Samsung Internet, Opera, and Microsoft Edge lagging far behind it.

Google’s browser holds 70.99% of the zimbabwe’s market share, with opera Safari, Microsoft and firefox holding 10.05%, 7.9%, 4.03% and 2.76% respectively.

The chart below summarises Zimbabwe browser market share. A breakdown of the desktop and mobile market shares is summarised at the end of the article.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

Google and, to a lesser extent, Samsung Internet’s high Zimbabwe mobile market share shares aren’t surprising.

Samsung dominates the smartphone market in the country, likely due to its broad range of budget to mid-range smartphones.

The company’s smartphones accounted for 49.07% of views in the mobile vendor segment in Zimbabwe in January 2023 — a slight increase from 48.04% in January 2022.

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