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Two Zimbabwe industries benefiting from load-shedding


Two Zimbabwe industries benefiting from load-shedding

Zimbabwe’s energy crisis has devastated many Zimbabwean businesses, costing the economy billions each month. However, a few companies are net beneficiaries of blackouts.

In 2023, Zimbabwe experienced load-shedding every day, with power going as early as 4 am and coming back at 10pm is becoming commonplace.

Businesses without alternative energy sources stop operating during load-shedding, which hurts their revenue and costs jobs.

However, a small group of companies benefit from Zesa’s problems and unstable power supply.

Companies which sell, install, and maintain alternative energy products are booming and are struggling to keep up with demand.

Another group which has seen its revenue increase are restaurants and fast-food outlets. When people are load-shed, they cannot cook and opt for easier options.

It raises the question of whether there are investment opportunities in these two sectors which are benefitting from load-shedding.

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