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Egypt brings in law penalising disclosure of telecom customer data

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Egypt brings in law penalising disclosure of telecom customer data

Egypt has introduced a law which will penalise the disclosure of telecom customer data, The Independent reported. The Personal Data Protection Law No. 151 of 2020 sets deterrent penalties to address the disclosure of customer secrets or data, whether by employees of telecommunication companies or citizens. Article (73) of the law stipulates the application of a penalty of at least three months in prison and a fine of between EGP 5,000 ($161.83 usd) and EGP 50,000 ($1600), or either of these two penalties.

The law penalises those who are engaged in broadcasting, publishing or recording the content of a communications message or part thereof without a legal permit; hiding, altering, or obstructing any or part of a communications message they have received; deliberately refraining from sending a communication message after being assigned to send it; and unlawfully divulging any information about users of communication networks or about communications they make or receive.

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