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Ecocash Apologizes for Intermittent Service Disruptions affecting ZimSwitch Transactions


Ecocash Apologizes for Intermittent Service Disruptions affecting ZimSwitch Transactions

Ecocash has recently been experiencing intermittent service affecting ZimSwitch transactions , causing inconvenience to its customers. The system has encountered disruptions in the processing of transactions, resulting in delays and failures in completing transactions.

The ZimSwitch provides an essential payment infrastructure for financial transactions in Zimbabwe, allowing banks and other financial institutions to interconnect and settle transactions among themselves and with their customers. It is a critical platform that supports over 20 million transactions per month, facilitating payments for various services, including utilities, fuel, airtime top-ups, and online purchases.

ZimSwitch has acknowledged the issues and issued an apology to its customers, assuring them of its commitment to resolving the issues at the earliest possible time. The company has stated that its technical team is working round the clock to identify and fix the problems that have affected the network’s performance.

Speaking to Techunzipped, ecocash said “We apologise for the intermittent service being experienced on ZimSwitch transactions. As soon as normal service is restored we will advise you.”

However, the recent service disruptions have caused frustration to customers who rely on the network to carry out their transactions promptly and efficiently. The issues have affected several banks and service providers using the ZimSwitch platform, leading to significant financial losses and reputational damage.

As Ecocash works to rectify the issues, customers are advised to be patient and exercise caution when conducting transactions. They should also consider alternative payment options, such as mobile money, which may be more reliable in some cases.

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