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Safeguard introduces hi-tech CCTV farm monitoring system

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Safeguard introduces hi-tech CCTV farm monitoring system

Safeguard Security has introduced a hi-tech solar powered closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system that is ideal for monitoring what is happening on the farm 24 hours a day from anywhere where there is an available internet connection.

Four solar powered cameras installed at a farm in Bulawayo enable the farmer to view his whole farm, which has reduced the thefts he had been experiencing to virtually none.

The system incorporates pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras that can swivel left to right, tilt up and down and zoom in and out, setting off an alarm if set parameters are breached.

Safeguard Security customer services manager Lol Ribeiro explained that PTZ cameras have revolutionised CCTV security systems, especially those required to oversee large open spaces.

“PTZ cameras are ideal for monitoring wide open areas requiring a 180 or 360 degree view. Our systems are ideal for farms and can be customised to meet any farmer’s requirements.

“Access to live video footage and control of the cameras is available round the clock from anywhere provided an internet connection is available,” he added.

Mr Ribeiro went on to explain that video surveillance systems are being widely used on commercial and residential properties to provide the best possible site security for all operations, employees, guests and assets. It is now available to protect farms as well.

“The number of surveillance systems available out there are ever increasing and it is important to get the most appropriate solution that offers the functions and versatility that work best for your daily operations.

“Our systems utilise infrared technology, providing video footage even at night. They can be configured to automatically follow motion-triggered activity or adhere to a pre-set schedule that activates the cameras to record certain areas at certain times. Once any activity is detected, an alert is sent immediately to security personnel and the property owner.

“The cameras can be configured to ignore animal activity so that an alarm is only triggered by human movement. Other forms of movement can also be excluded.

“One of our new farm installations in Bulawayo has resulted in the virtual elimination of the frequent thefts the farm had been experiencing,” he said.

He went on to say Safeguard’s farm CCTV systems can operate fully on solar power solutions so there is no need to worry about electricity power cuts or load shedding.

“The smart technology that comes with the PTZ cameras’ live video surveillance makes security easier and more efficient. The alarm triggered by movement allows one to see what is happening and react accordingly.

“Security personnel can instantly take appropriate measures to apprehend and detain suspected intruders and secure the premises,” he said.

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