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SeedCo Launches Farming App to Help Farmers Monitor Crops

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SeedCo Launches Farming App to Help Farmers Monitor Crops

SeedCo, the largest seed-producing company in Zimbabwe, has launched a new farming app called Seedney. The app is designed to help farmers monitor their crops and get the maximum yields.

Seedney has a variety of features that farmers can use to their advantage. These include:

  • Information on the production of different crops, such as maize, field crops, and vegetables.
  • Testimonials from other farmers.
  • A calculator that helps farmers calculate the population suited for particular interrow and in-row spacing in the field.
  • A personalized calendar that farmers can use to track their crops’ progress.
  • A pest and disease control feature that helps farmers identify and prevent problems.

Seedney is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Farmers can also find it on different SeedCo platforms and SeedCo agronomists.

Wendy Madzura, SeedCo Zimbabwe Head of Agronomy Services, said that the app is a way for SeedCo to “move with time to help farmers get the best out of their farming.”

“We want to make it easier for farmers to manage their crops,” she said. “Seedney is a tool that can help them do that.”

Madzura said that Seedney is already being used by farmers in Zimbabwe. She encouraged other farmers to download the app and start using it.

“Seedney is a valuable tool for any farmer,” she said. “It can help you improve your yields and get the most out of your farming.”

Here are some of the benefits that farmers can get from using Seedney:

  • Increased yields: Seedney can help farmers identify the best practices for their crops, which can lead to increased yields.
  • Improved crop health: Seedney can help farmers identify and prevent pests and diseases, which can improve crop health.
  • Reduced costs: Seedney can help farmers save money by reducing the need for unnecessary inputs.
  • Increased efficiency: Seedney can help farmers save time and effort by automating tasks such as crop planning and recordkeeping.

Overall, Seedney is a valuable tool that can help farmers improve their farming practices and get the most out of their crops.

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